The Long Vigil

Into the Wykefort Caverns

Wykefort Expedition - Session Two

After skilfully deceiving the hill giant living in Wykefort with Leon's magical cloud of fog and Shora's series of minor illusions, the outriders lead by Osric made their way down under the fort. Proceeding down the stairs into the caverns below our heroes used their teamwork to cross the gap in the collapsed staircase, but Osric lost his footing and tumbled to the ground below.

While descending the stairs, the heroes discovered a barred door. Lyra, calling on the power of Hearthsbane (her magical sword), basheed down a barred door and were attacked by savage skeletons. After defeating the skeletons and discovering the fort's armory, they were drawn into the caverns under the fort by the groans of some massive creature. 

Below they found the disgusting living space of the hill giant and the source of the groans. There they found an emaciated hill giant chained to the wall of the cavern. As they approached the creature went into a rage straining against its chains. Why would a giant chain one of its own to starve in a dank cavern?

Experience Earned: 1100 XP (275 XP each)


JonathanBreese JonathanBreese

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