Bits of History

The King’s Outriders

They were a collection of elite servants of King Oswalt II: sellswords, hedge knights, mercenaries, thieves, and general ne'er-do-wells. They dealt with unique problems in the kingdom and gained the trust and faith of the King.  In the end, they saved the king and protected him when the king’s court wizard rose as Naqir the Corpsemaker. These heroes and their apprentices were formally brought into the king’s house after fall of Agenland. Now they serve as elite agents for scavenging and scouting the lands of the dead.

The Treaty of the Ironhand

The border tensions along the Weatendeas border brought conflict with Barak-Dur Dwarves, and saw the Roundkeep Lords occupy Barak-dur. These greedy lords hired adventurers to loot dwarven vaults and holy places. The armies of the Roundkeep Lords hunted down and slaughtered the Dwarven clans. The bloody campaign came to an end with the signing of the Treaty of the Ironhand at the battle of Redwater Cavern.<

During the Battle of Redwater Cavern bitter human and dwarven rivals united when ambushed by orc tribe ruled by Korba, the Matron of Bones. Duke Roland Drumketh and King Hokrum Ironhand fought back to back and died protecting one another, but not before slaying Korba and scattering her minions.

The two leaders’ sons mourned their lost fathers, and they signed a treaty to destroy the last of Korba’s horde. As a sign of mutual surrender the sons exchanged hereditary weapons. The peace signed between the two peoples grew into a robust friendship and trade relationship between the two families that lasted the day Naqir raised the dead.

Bits of History

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