The Twin Gates

The east and north gates of the city are the only means of access into Sarum, and gate tolls are collected by the troops of noble houses Talbot and Norwood. Anyone passing through the gates must give over portion of their goods or a bit of coin. The Northgate is manned by houses Talbot and Eastgate is controlled by House Norwood.

The Enclave

The tower is the home of the last adherents to the Order of the Silver Orb. The tower and attached buildings hold a small library and laboratory. In the central garden of the buildings rests the a featureless, silver orb nestled in an ancient tree. The orb is a magical artifact that none understand, and it glows unnaturally when the light of the midnight moon strikes the orb. It glows with the same glow that can be seen beyond the Ringing mountains from the City of Light.


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