The Saltmere

The Saltmere

The fetid swamp to the west of Sarum spans a broad swath of the Dunlands. Its twisted trees and foul waters constantly remind Sarum of the horrors that await them outside the walls. Scavengers venture into the swamps in hopes of finding supplies among the scattered ruins, but most only find death at the hands of the creatures that dwell in the waters

The Red Coven

Deep in the Saltmere lies a copse of trees twisted by magic. This copse is home to the Red Coven, and the hags of the coven rule over the parts of the Saltmere demanding tribute from those who dwell there. Travel to their realm is treacherous, but the desperate transverse the swamps seeking the coven’s dark charms and vengeful curses. Everyone who seeks them out pays a steep price for their help.


On the far western shore of the Saltmere sits the town of Stoorside, the home of the little folk. This small, canal village has little contact with Sarum as the halflings distrust the tall folk. Despite this health distrust, Stoorside is a good place for an excusion into the 

The Broken Bear

When the undead hordes assaulted Sarum a group of refugees crowded on the Bear fleeing the coming horrors. The overloaded ship capsized and all aboard were lost. The ship’s mast can be seen from the walls of Sarum and it tempts the greedy to loot it. It’s rumored to have great treasure on it. 

The Saltmere

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