The Long Vigil

Up the Azure River

After resting and training at Stoorside, Danadin lead his crew up the Azure River continuing towards St. Huge's Abbey.  His intrepid heroes faced zombies careening off the cliff tops into their ship, but Danadin held the zombies at bay while his team of outriders quickly dispatched them. They faced even greater danger when passing through a rough area of jagged rocks and rapids their trustworthy ship was attacked by a water elemental (named Monsoo) possessed by Mephits slamming it against the rocks. Yet, they survived and made their way within sight of Tinderfoot Ferry. Having heard rumors of orcs and goblins occupying the ferry tower, they wisely beached their ship down river and traveled through the Wychwood to scout the tower. There they found a team of hobgoblins, goblin wolf riders, bugbears and human bandits barring the river with heavy chains. They sighted the bugbears and humans entering the city and bringing out loot.

Experience Earned: 1,200 XP (300 XP per character)


JonathanBreese JonathanBreese

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