The Long Vigil

A Scent on the Wind

Swordbreaker Isle Expedition - Session 2

The sea heaved as the Outriders set out from Sarum to Swordbreaker Isle, but their skill guided them safely to its forlorn shores. The islands' great cliffs climb before them to the pinnacle where Swordbreaker Tower loomed over the island. Using a crude, hand drawn map and rumors coerced with drink, they planned their landing on the isle.

Landing at North Haven seemed risky, the crabs had grown immense feeding on zombies trapped in the sand and the dock front looked unstable. Instead, they made camp further down the coast and all seemed fine other than a smoky campfire made with damp wood. At night strange whistles were heard, but the true horror arrived with the early light.

As dawn broke a dull crunching sound was heard in the nearby woods, and Ar'nis snuck out to find a ghoul eating a zombie. After getting Chancery to assist, they attacked the ghoul only to discover that close behind were more than half a dozen zombies. In a desperate fight, they retreated to their boat and cast off into water leaving their provisions behind with two of their number nursing bite wounds.

Realizing they needed shelter, the set out to Redhawk Mill via the Old Bear Woods. While traveling through the woods they found a wood elf crucified and left to rot. Around they body, they found small trinkets made by wicked fey. Clearly the work of Dryads.

Giving the area wide berth, they continued on their path to the mill when they encountered a young, half-elf hunter, of no more than 15 years, having just downed a boar. Chancery tried to greet the young man but he fled north, and the party tracked him to their very destination: Redhawk Mill.

They approached the walls to be greeted by a gruff man in his 60’s who allowed the unbitten into the town. Chancery, Kale, Bran waited outside while Ar'nis was escorted inside to meet Lady Blackcomb, the leader of the Redhawk Mill.

Rewards: 400  XP (100 XP each)


Really enjoyed the session last night, thanks again Jonathan!

Fiona’s characters name is Chancery although I have a feeling I’ve not got the spelling of that quite right.

A Scent on the Wind
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