The Articles of Faith

Church of the Seven Prophets


The Church of the Seven Prophets is the universal faith of humanity, and worships the god known as Elohim, the Maker of all Things and the Lord of Light. The message of Elohim was brought to humanity by seven prophets who each preached Elohim's message to the world and ascended to sit at his side. The original names of the prophets have been lost to time, but their articles of faith remain to protect humanity from the corruption of the Lords Below. 

The Messenger – Who Brought Faith

Domains: Knowledge and Tempest

The Messenger brought the original world of Elohim, providing salvation to those who turned their eyes from the Old Gods.

The Wanderer – Guide for the Dead

Domain: Grave and Trickery

The Wander was a thief, gambler, and a libertine. The Wanderer is believed to guide the dead to their fated afterlife. The Holy Texts tell of his love of life and sense of humor, and the way he tricked the wicked. It is believed the worthy can bargain a way to return to life. 

The Mother – Matron of Love and Passion

Domain: Protection and Light

The Mother symbolizes birth and motherhood. Parents give prayers to the Mother to protect their children and for healthy grandchildren. She also represents passion and love, both romantic and physical.

The Judge – Bringer of Justice

Domain: Protection and Knowledge

The Judge stands in judgment of those who wish to bath for eternity in the Father's light. Those whose hearts are heavy with sin denied entry into and sent to the Lords Below.

The Smith – The One Who Labored

Domain: Forge and Light

The smith showed us how to build the walls that keep us safe, the swords to protect ourselves, and the honor and glory of good works: both physical and spiritual.

The Warrior – The One Who Protected Us

Domain: War and Protection

The Warrior is the embodiment of knighthood and honor. Prayers are given to him to gain his protection for any sort of conflict or competition ranging from tournaments to wars to business deals.

The Sower – The One Who Fed Us

Domain: Nature and Tempest

The sower fed us when times were bleak. He showed us how tend the land and nurture animals. He is also known for his fury which brought storms and change. He is the lover of the Mother and together they show us the way to raise our children.

The Lords Below

Baphomet, Prince of Savagery

Domain: Destruction

Baphomet's realm of the Endless Maze was the 600th layer of the Abyss, supposedly infinite in size. Here, Baphomet dwelt in his palace where he takes great joy in cruelty and savagery

Demogorgon, Prince of Madness

Domain: Madness

Bael, Prince of Deception

Domain: Trickery

Juiblex, Prince of Filth

Domain: Gluttony

Lolth, Queen of Spiders

Domain: Fate

Orcus, Demon Prince of Undeath

Domain: Death

Yeenoghu, Beast of Butchery

Domain: Chaos

Is the bestial embodiment of savage butchery and the all mother of Gnolls. She carries her dreaded triple flail, created from the bones and skin of slain angels. Her worshippers sometimes paint his eye on their weapons and armor so that their patron can see the atrocities they commit in her name. Yeenoghu commands the obedience of ghouls and ghasts through her fury.  

The Articles of Faith

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