Ways of the Wild

The Spirit of Everything

The wood elves follow the Old Gods, living gods of nature and the Feywild. Everything in the world has a spirit, and if you respect the spirits they will protect and serve you. Show disrespect and you suffer their ire.

The spirits come in many forms, both large and small, and they are exemplified in the extremes. Dryads, treants, water elementals are all examples of the various gods of the wilds. Animals can manifest the spirits as dire creatures showing greater intelligence and size compared to their kind. A dire wolf might lead a pack aggressively defending its territory, but those who show tribute can negotiate safe passage. A dire bear might protect a grove near its den driving out corrupting forces. Often very knowledgeable about their domains, they can be a valuable source of information. Lastly, every stream and boulder has a spirit within, and powerful druidic spells are cast with the spirit’s aide.The wood elves don’t see their gods as external and distant, but all around them.

They tend to find divine magic unsettling and worry it offends the local spirits, and often leave offerings to the spirit. Human and Dwarven cities are generally seen as cold places of stone favoring homes grown from the trees themselves.

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Ways of the Wild

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